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16 September 1988
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  • dontyouflan@livejournal.com
  • ihaveicedtea
Yo, this is a journal that a person created.

That guy is boring, yo.

Boring but crazy. There ain't no good crazy, but observing crazy is like a watching a train-wreck, or using cliché metaphores, you just gotta, yo. (Did I just contradict myself?)

Anyway, that motherfucker writes sometimes. Nothing good, but oh well, it's livejournal, right? What else is livejournal for if it's not horrible writing and self-esteem issues.

What else do you want to know? I don't care. Look at his interests or something.

Sigh. God I'm tired.
"good", addictive personalities, awkward pauses, bad habits, basic full flavors, cell phone pictures, change, cheese, cigarette rolling, cigarettes, coffee, confusing people, dark two-lane roads, energy, gaining interests, hip-bones, hot sauce and crackers, jenny lewis, line breaks, living or whatever, love, low frequency sound, midwestern hip-hop, misspelling words, mix-cds, nervous laughing, nihilism, not wearing pants, other emo-ish shit, perverse conversation/acts, perverts, psychology, radiohead, re-reading books, rilo kiley, secrets, sex scenes, shitty hondas, shortening lists, sociology, stereo equipment, sudden and/or surprising rain, the blood brothers, truth, women